iPTV SERVICE PROVIDERWhen an IPTV provider offers its services to deliver the digital video and audio of creators to subscribers, users can do so only for viewing purposes: and not to pass the digital work as their own. Fortunately, there are now blockchain platforms offering innovators, creators, authors and composers help in managing their IP rights and protection.

The Internet Era and Copyright Infringement Concerns

The Internet-age has been seeing individuals claiming ownership over pre-created work, as a means of boosting their reputation in their field of work or for monetary purposes. This made creators realise the importance of securing protection for their Intellectual Property (IP) from their respective Internet Property Offices. Although they simply register ownership of their original creative work, ideas and data, various challenges still arise.

Understanding the Significance of IP Protection

In recent years, there has been a massive demand for copyright protection as advancements in computing and communications technology inspired the generation of data, codes and various media, So much so that innovators, artists and inventors seek patents and copyright protection, as the case may be.

What’s the Difference Between Patent and Copyright?

Patents serve as protection for technical inventions that IP Offices (IPO) recognise for their originality, novelty, and use of inventive steps when applied as method or mechanism in their respective industry.

A Copyright on the other hand, is a type of intellectual property protection covering original works of art, literature or any form of authorship after the creators have completed their work in a tangible form.

Blockchain Technology Providers Offer Their Services and Resources to IPOs

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYTo meet the growing demand, several providers of blockchain technology are offering the use of time-stamped services and the process of recording hard and fast, unalterable but traceable data in performing IP management.

This recent development in blockchain technology has in fact drawn the attention of many IP registries worldwide, particularly the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). They see the potential of blockchain intellectual property when applied across various forms of IP trademark and patent protection.

How Does the Blockchain IP Protection Work for IPTV Services

A blockchain ledger is a platform dedicated to managing the diverse IP needs and requirements of the various innovators and creators by applying timestamps in the creation of new works; mainly to fend off actions that attempt to carry out copyright infringement

To cite as an example, a stock photo business can leverage blockchain technology in protecting stock photo rights. Users of blockchain IP management platform can find pictures that interest them and know the creators, their place of origin and info on what the photo image is about.
On the part of photographers who uploaded photos of their original work in the blockchain-based IP protection register, they automatically get credited as original creators in the event that their photos are used by publishers for their content.